17 January - El bueno el malo y el feo - Amsterdam threesome show with Jan Hoek & Aukje Dekker - Torre Del Reloj - Mexico City

24 september - Mind Your Absence - group show- Asbeak Gallery - Kopenhagen - Denmark

Art Rotterdam - Vriend van Bavink - duo stand with Aldo van den Broek
Art Rotterdam - Prospects & Concepts

Kinderen van de slacht - Group show - De Steek - Amsterdam

Americana group show - Galerie Fleur & Wouter

Dec - Performance with Juul De Metz - Rijksmuseum - Amsterdam

18 October - Bonne x Sam - Bonne Suits by Sam Andrea exhibition - Nozem Studio - Amsterdam

27 Sept - On Auction For The Amazon! Art Auction by Sam Andrea - Galerie Fleur & Wouter
26/29 Sept - Art on Paper - Vriend Van Bavink stand - Amsterdam

11/15 Sept - BIG ART- Zaandam - vriend van bavink

23 August/ 29 Sept - Dahmer's Dates & Other Sex Stories - Group exhibition - Galerie Fleur & Wouter

17 August - Mr Cheese performance - Sexyland @ Lowlands Festival

21/31 Juni - Solo expositie SAM ANDREA - Herengracht 286 Vriend van Bavink - Amsterdam

4 April - Nightshift: From dusk till dawn - Expo + veiling met Mobile Gallery - Antwerpen

11 Januari/ 23 Februari - Lab Kalkhorst residence

27 t/m 30 december - This Artfare - Solo stand - Vriend Van Bavink - Beurs van Berlage - Amsterdam

26 November - Piket Kunst prijs nominatie

19 Oktober - Geen groeps expositie - Steven De Peven - A Bien -Bergen Aan Zee

15 september De Andrea Show- duo show met Jef Andrea -Gallerie De Vlieg, Haarlem

Sexy Violence -Sexyland- Lowlands - Biddinghuizen

Black Line by Gianna Tomiyama -Bureau Degrade- Den Haag

Naked live action painting with Loeke Gerritsen -Classical Music Rave- Bijloke -Gent

The Living Museum action painting performance -South by Southwest -Austin Texas

Nokia's Tag Line -MOOF- Den Haag

Halfway Where -Grey Space in the Middle -Den Haag

Fleur & Wouter gallerie -Amsterdam

LFTFLD groeps expositie -under your skin -Amsterdam

Lancering van satirisch tijdschrift ANUS groepsexpositie KYAS ART SALON – Amsterdam

Family Matters -Pulchri Studio- Den Haag

Horror Vacui -Jim Mooijekind- Den Haag

The Living Museum -Gianna Tomiyama- Amsterdam

Live painting -Eddie the Eagle Museum - Time capsule - Amsterdam

LFTFLD Art show -'' GESPUIS'' Slangenpand - Amsterdam

LFTFLD art show Carte Blanche -Amsterdam

Carlton Arms assisting Frans Franciscus -New York

Art Attack group show -Plantage Dok- Amsterdam

Eddie the Eagle Museum -Mural- Amsterdam

Art and Design group show - Trouw - Amsterdam

Group show -Phoenix 13- Haarlem

Human nature is so very close and yet so very alien to me. Destructive, sexual and animalistic behaviour is not
strange to me. Everybody is probably familiar with this behaviour in some way, but what drives us -or at least me- towards it?
In search of my own truth, I find beauty in the grotesque and romance in the hopeless.
When flesh and bone turn into oil and pigment and when reality and dream seem to merge into one on my canvas, that's when I feel I can put human nature into place.

Supported by Mondriaan Fonds
Jong Talent 2020



NEED -full length LP
NEED/Richie Dagger -split EP

The Local Spastics -full length LP
Pino And The Blue Birds -online release

The Local Spastics -Daily Routine -EP

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